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Old Moon and Sister Stars

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Old Moon and Sister Stars

Explanation: An old crescent Moon shares the eastern sky over Menton, France with the sister stars of the Pleiades cluster in this early morning skyscape recorded just last Friday, June 23rd. (Bright Venus was also near the eastern horizon, but is not pictured here.) Astronomical images of the well-known Pleiades often show the cluster's alluring blue reflection nebulae, but they are washed out here by the bright moonlight. Still, while the crescent Moon is overexposed, surface features can be seen on the dim lunar night side illuminated by earthshine - light from sunlit planet Earth. Of course, you can spot a young crescent Moon in the early evening sky tonight. Having left the Pleiades behind, a lovely lunar crescent now appears in the west, lining up with planets Mars, Saturn, and Mercury along the solar system's ecliptic plane.

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#90712 by @ 30.06.2006 11:18 - nach oben -
Scho en krasse Übergang vo de Sunnesite vom Mond zu de Schattesite. Gseht d'Erde vom Mond us gseh au so us, oder isch bi üs de Übergang weicher wäg de Atmosphäre wo uf em Mond fählt?
#90713 by @ 30.06.2006 11:30 - nach oben -
dä harti übergang gits sehr wohrschinli wäg dä lange beliechtigszit vo dä kamera...