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Wind from a Black Hole

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Wind from a Black Hole


Binary star system
GRO J1655-40
consists of a relatively normal star about twice as massive as the Sun
co-orbiting with a black hole of about seven
solar masses.

This striking
of the exotic binary
system helps visualize matter drawn from the normal star by
gravity and swirling toward the black hole.

But it also includes a wind of material escaping from the black hole's
accretion disk.

In fact, astronomers
now argue
that Chandra Observatory x-ray data
indicate a high-speed wind is being driven from this system's
disk by magnetic forces.

Internal magnetic fields also help drive material in the swirling
disk into the
black hole itself.

If you had
as good as Chandra's, you could find
GRO J1655-40 about 11,000 light-years away in the constellation

Shuttle Launch:

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planetare winkelschlifer?