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Spiral Galaxy NGC 2403 from Subaru

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Spiral Galaxy NGC 2403 from Subaru

Sprawling spiral arms dotted with bright red
emission nebulas
highlight this new and detailed image of nearby
spiral galaxy NGC 2403.

Also visible in the photogenic
spiral galaxy are blue
open clusters, dark
lanes, and a bright but relatively small
central nucleus.

NGC 2403 is located just beyond the
Local Group of Galaxies,
at a relatively close 10 million light years away toward the
constellation of the

NGC 2403 has a designated
Hubble type of Sc.

In 2004, NGC 2403 was home to one of the
brightest supernovas of modern times.

above image, the highest resolution complete image of
NGC 2403 ever completed, was taken by the
Japan's 8.3-meter
Subaru telescope located on
Mauna Kea,

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