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The Eskimo Nebula from Hubble

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The Eskimo Nebula from Hubble

In 1787, astronomer
William Herschel discovered the

Eskimo Nebula.

From the ground, NGC 2392 resembles a person's head
surrounded by a parka hood.

In 2000, the
Hubble Space Telescope imaged the
Eskimo Nebula.

From space, the nebula displays gas clouds so
complex they are not fully understood. The
Eskimo Nebula is clearly a
planetary nebula, and the gas seen above composed the
outer layers of a
Sun-like star only 10,000 years ago.

The inner filaments visible above are being ejected by strong

wind of particles from the central star.

The outer disk contains unusual
light-year long orange filaments.

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so ein wünschi mir uf dä geburtstag