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An Erupting Solar Prominence from SOHO

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An Erupting Solar Prominence from SOHO

Our Sun is still very active.

In the year 2000, our Sun went though
Solar Maximum, the time in its 11-year
where the most sunspots and explosive activities occur.

Sunspots, the
>Solar Cycle, and
>solar prominences are all caused by the
Sun's changing magnetic field.

Pictured above is a
solar prominence that
erupted in 2002 July, throwing
>electrons and
>ions out into the
Solar System.

The above image was taken in the
>ultraviolet light emitted by a specific type of ionized
helium, a common
on the Sun.

Particularly hot areas appear in white,
while relatively cool areas appear in red.

Our >Sun should gradually quiet down until
>Solar Minimum occurs, and the Sun is most quiet.

No one can precisely predict when
>Solar Minimum will occur, although some
signs indicate that it has started already!

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holy sun... iidrücklich!
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brötlät jo scho no gad chli ine!