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A Map of Asteroid Vesta

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A Map of Asteroid Vesta

Vesta is a huge rock 500 kilometers across that orbits out past

In 1997, the
above map of
Vesta created using the
Hubble Space Telescope
was released showing a rugged surface highlighted by a
single crater spanning nearly the entire length of the

The large crater dominates the lower part of the
above false-color conglomerate image: blue indicates low terrain,
while red indicates raised terrain.

Evidence indicates that
Vesta underwent a tremendous splintering collision about a billion years ago.

In October 1960, a small chunk of this rock believed to have originated on Vesta fell to
Earth and was recovered in

Vesta is considered by some to be a candidate for
reclassification into a planet.

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da isch doch usem plasma pong