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Eclipsed Moon Rising Over England

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Eclipsed Moon Rising Over England

Last Thursday, part of our Moon turned dark.

The cause, this time, was not a partial
lunar phase -- the Moon was full --
but rather that part of the Moon went into Earth's shadow.

The resulting partial
lunar eclipse was visible from the eastern
Atlantic Ocean
Africa, and
Asia and into the western
Pacific Ocean.

The darkest part of the
lunar eclipse, when part of the Moon was completely
shielded from sunlight,
lasted about 90 minutes.

Pictured above, a partially eclipsed Moon is seen rising over an estate in

The above image was taken far away from the house in the foreground,
as only this would allow it to appear as angularly small as the
half-degree Moon far in the background.

A setting twilight Sun lit the foreground.

The next eclipse
of the Moon will occur in March 2007.

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