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The International Space Station Expands Again

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The International Space Station Expands Again

Explanation: The developing International Space Station (ISS) has changed its appearance again. Over the past few days, the Space Shuttle Atlantis visited the ISS and added pieces of the Integrated Truss Structure, including an impressively long array of solar panels. These expansive solar panels are visible extending from the lower right of the above image taken by the Shuttle Atlantis Crew after leaving the ISS to return to Earth. The world's foremost space outpost can be seen developing over the past several years by comparing the above image to past images. Also visible above are many different types of modules, a robotic arm, another impressive set of solar panels, and a supply ship. Construction began on the ISS in 1998.

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#93901 by @ 21.09.2006 00:58 - nach oben -
the never ending story

aber immerhin flüged wieder shuttles ufe, süsch wärs denn en schlag is wasser gsi.
#93903 by @ 21.09.2006 08:28 - nach oben -
nöd nur shuttle. im moment gänds jo gad wieder vollgas.