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Triple Sunrise

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Triple Sunrise


Today, the Sun rises due east at
the Equinox,
a geocentric astronomical event that occurs twice a year.

To celebrate, consider this view of the rising Sun and
a lovely set of
ice halos
recorded on a cold winter morning
near Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA,
planet Earth.

Produced by sunlight shining through common atmospheric
ice crystals with hexagonal cross-sections,
such halos can actually be seen more often than

The remarkable sunrise picture captures
a beautiful assortment of the types
including a sun pillar (center)
just above the rising
Sun surrounded by a 22 degree halo arc.

Completing a triple sunrise illusion,
sundogs appear at the
far left and far right edges of the 22 degree arc.

An upper tangent
is also just visible at the very top of the view.

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#94000 by @ 24.09.2006 10:44 - nach oben -
wo gseht mer de so öppis, wenns so hüfig isch?