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Orionid Meteors Over Turkey

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Orionid Meteors Over Turkey

Meteors have been flowing out from the constellation Orion.

This was expected, as mid-October is the time of year for the
Orionids Meteor Shower.

Pictured above, over a dozen meteors were caught in successively
added exposures over three hours taken this past weekend from a town near

The above image shows brilliant
multiple meteor streaks
that can all be connected to a single point in the sky just above the
belt of Orion, called the

The Orionids
meteors started as sand sized bits expelled from
Comet Halley
during one of its trips to the inner Solar System.

Comet Halley is actually responsible for two
known meteor showers,
the other known as the Eta Aquarids and visible every May. Next month, the
Leonids Meteor Shower
from Comet Tempel-Tuttle might show an
even more impressive shower from some locations.

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