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Leonids and Leica

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Leonids and Leica


This lovely view from
northern Spain at
Cape Creus on
the easternmost point of the
, looks
out across the Mediteranean and up
into the stream of the 2002
meteor shower

The picture is a composite of thirty separate one minute exposures
taken through a fisheye lens.

Over 70 leonid meteors are visible, some seen nearly head on.

Bright Jupiter is positioned just to the right of the
shower's radiant in Leo.

Perched on the moonlit
rocks at the bottom right, Leica,
the photographers' dog, seems to be watching the on going
celestial display
and adds a surreal visual element
to the scene.

The 2006 Leonid meteor shower
will be much less intense than
in 2002, but will be near its predicted peak this weekend.

Sky watchers will have their
best view under dark skies in early morning hours with
Leo rising above the eastern horizon.

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