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A Big Dish at the VLA Radio Observatory

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A Big Dish at the VLA Radio Observatory

They are so large, they are almost unreal.

The radio dishes of the
Very Large Array (VLA) of
radio telescopes
might appear to some as a strange combination of a dinosaur skeleton and common
satellite-TV receiving dish.

Together, the 27 dishes of the
combine high sensitivity with high resolution,
enabling a series of important astronomical discoveries, including
water ice on planet Mercury,
micro-quasars in our Galaxy,
gravitationally-induced Einstein rings around distant galaxies, and
radio counterparts to cosmologically distant gamma-ray bursts.

Pictured above, a dish from the VLA was photographed last week near
New Mexico,

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wasseriis ufem merkur.. nüme nüt, nöd wohr nöd
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chammer denn dört jetzt schlittschüälä?
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het chli wenig grav, aber wür abgoh