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The View from Stereo Ahead

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The View from Stereo Ahead


On December 22nd, at 0022
Universal Time
the Sun reached its southernmost point in Earth's sky
the final season change for the year 2006.

In celebration of the
consider these images
of the Sun from an extreme ultraviolet telescope onboard
the Stereo Ahead spacecraft.

Recorded on December 4th, Stereo's first day of imaging,
each false-color view
atomic emission in
different temperature regimes of the upper
; 2 million
kelvins in yellow,
1.5 million in green, 1 million, in blue and 60 to 80 thousand
in red.

The Stereo Mission will
place twin spacecraft, launched
together in October, into different solar orbits to conduct
a three dimensional exploration
of the Sun and the solar environment.

After completing
lunar swingby
the A spacecraft is intended to orbit the Sun
"Ahead" of planet Earth, and the B spacecraft "Behind".

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