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Twenty Full Moons

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Twenty Full Moons

Explanation: In celebration of tonight's Full Moon, the first of 2007, consider this grid of twenty Full Moons. From upper left to lower right, the images represent every lunation from May 2005 through December 2006. The consecutive Full Moons are all shown at the same scale, so unlike the famous Moon Illusion the change in apparent size seen here is real. (For example, compare early and late 2006 Full Moons.) The change is caused by the variation in lunar distance due to the Moon's significantly non-circular orbit. A subtler change in appearance can also be noticed on close examination, as the Moon seems to wobble and rock slightly from one Full Moon to the next. This effect, known as libration, is more dramatic and easier to see in a twenty frame movie comparing these twenty Full Moons. APOD Editor to Discuss "Best of APOD 2006" Pictures in NYC on January 5

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#97465 by @ 04.01.2007 19:37 - nach oben -
schient nöd gross was z laufe uf em mond. muess wohl no chli warte mit dä eröffnig vo mim glacestand döt obe.
#97478 by @ 05.01.2007 14:44 - nach oben -
so 2015, 2020 müesstisch langsam is gspröch cho, wennd bi de erschte willsch si. vo vorteil bi de chinese. d'amis sind natürli au ufem weg ufe, aber dene goht viellicht denn mol de stutz us, bzw. hanget d'schönheit vo de nasa halt au chli am gschmack vom jewilige us-präsi. und wenn de ufzmol findet, de mond brüchi mer nöd, denn wär mer bi de chinese guet ufghobe. europa und russland hend glaub nöd sofort vor, go basene baue ufem möndi.
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d amis hend doch scho sit 1969 en mc donald's dobe!
#97551 by @ 07.01.2007 23:35 - nach oben -
Immer nur diä glich siitä! Mer gseht immer nur diä glich siite!!!11! Aaaarrrrrgggghhh!!!!!!
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