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Comet Over Krakow

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Comet Over Krakow


Bright Comet
McNaught (C/2006 P1) graced the twilight this week,
by many
and often described with superlatives.

Watching the skies
over Krakow, Poland, Andrzej Sawow
recorded this view on Wednesday - with an ordinary handheld
digital camera.

He notes that "... astronomy is really for everyone who loves to
look at the night sky. And fortunately (sometimes) the sky
generously rewards its observer".

Now very close to the Sun,
Comet McNaught
(along with Mercury) is visible in
realtime images from the SOHO spacecraft.

Otherwise, skywatchers will find the comet hard to see this weekend.

But southern hemisphere observers could be rewarded
next week as Comet McNaught begins to climb
in southern skies

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