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Castle and Sky

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Castle and Sky


While Comet McNaught ruled southern skies,
last week's conjunction of the Moon and Venus
could be enjoyed by denizens
of both hemispheres of planet Earth.

The two more commonly viewed celestial beacons
produced this lovely twilight scene, recorded last
Saturday in skies above Almodovar
near Cordoba
in southern Spain.

Brilliant Venus and a slender
crescent Moon seem to overlook the small town, along with a well-lit

The impressive castle's construction
began in the 700s on the strategic site of a Roman fort.

It was extensively restored in the 20th century.

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#98508 by @ 28.01.2007 00:04 - nach oben -
hai vo witem gseht das us wienen waldbrand...
#98509 by @ 28.01.2007 00:20 - nach oben -
hm weiss nöd, die hani bis jetz nur vo nöchem gseh.
#98517 by @ 28.01.2007 16:12 - nach oben -
luegsch du demfall amel no zrugg wennd nach em füürle wegrennsch?
#98663 by @ 04.02.2007 18:36 - nach oben -
bi glegeheit gibi mol min sola-dvd als torrent frei, döt hetts e wunderbari szene druf, wie mir pfader en 20m^2 waldbrand mit petfläschene lösched, mit tüechli vorem muul, und halt kamera :)