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Comet McNaught Over New Zealand

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Comet McNaught Over New Zealand

Comet McNaught is perhaps the most photogenic comet of our time.

After making
quite a show in the northern hemisphere in mid January,
the comet moved south and developed a
long and unusual dust tail that
dazzled southern hemisphere observers starting in late January.

Comet McNaught
was imaged two weeks ago between Mount Remarkable and Cecil Peak in this
spectacular image
taken from
South Island,
New Zealand.

The bright comet dominates the right part of the
above image, while the
central band of our
Milky Way Galaxy
dominates the left.

Careful inspection of the image will reveal a
meteor streak just to the left of the comet.

Comet McNaught continues to move out from the Sun and dim, but should remain
visible in southern skies with binoculars through the end of this month.

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