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Mira Over Germany

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#99002 by @ 22.02.2007 00:00 - nach oben -
Mira Over Germany

What's that new star in the sky?

The star might appear new, but it's actually just the
variable star Mira
near its brightest.

Rolling your cursor over the above vertically compressed
image will identify the unusual star
Mira, a star that can change from practical invisibility to one of the brighter stars on the sky over the course of a year.

Pictured above a castle in
Germany, last week,
red giant star
Mira appeared near its maximum brightness of
magnitude 2.

Although similar in mass to our Sun,
Mira tenuous and cool
atmosphere could extend out past the orbit of Mars, and achieve a
luminosity over 10,000 times greater than our Sun.

Mira is near the end of its life and its variability is somewhat erratic.

Details of Mira's variability are still
being researched, but the reason for Mira's pulsations are
thought related to periodic changes in the thickness of parts of Mira's atmosphere.

Recent high resolution images show that
Mira is not even round.

Mira lies 420
light years distant toward the
constellation of the Monster Whale

will fade over the next 200 days, but climb back to naked-eye visibility early next year.

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#99006 by @ 22.02.2007 07:56 - nach oben -
ey wie findi da sternli?
#99007 by @ 22.02.2007 09:46, edited @ 22.02.2007 09:47 - nach oben -
i glaub i weis welä das es isch, ha mi scho immer gwundäräd über dä farbwechselnd stern :-)
also wenn ich richtig dütschland luegä fu rorschach us isch er am obig am 10 öppä gnau östlich 45°. Er isch ä so hell das en nöd verfählä chasch.

guet isch glaub nöd dä, aber wenn öpper weis wa für ein ich mein söll ers gfälligscht sägä!
#99008 by @ 22.02.2007 11:19 - nach oben -
chönnt genau so guet än satellit si wo dsunne reflektiert. da wör erkläre das är immer am gliche ort isch und au dfarb namel wechslet...
#99012 by @ 23.02.2007 10:56 - nach oben -
mir würs jo scho lange da sternli uf däm bild obe zfinde...