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X-rays and the Eagle Nebula

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X-rays and the Eagle Nebula


The premier Chandra X-ray Observatory
images of M16,
the Eagle Nebula, show many bright x-ray sources
in the region.

Most of the
are energetic young stars.

They are seen here as colored spots superimposed on the Hubble's
well-known optical view of M16's light-year long
Pillars of Creation.

For example, a blue source
the tip of the large pillar at
the upper left is estimated to be an embedded young star
4 or 5 times as massive
as the Sun.

Still, most of the x-ray sources are not coincident
with the pillars themselves, indicating that embedded stars are
not common in the dusty structures.

The mostly empty pillars are thought to be an
indication that
star formation actually peaked millions of years ago
the Eagle

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