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Triton: Neptune's Largest Moon

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Triton: Neptune's Largest Moon

In October of 1846,
William Lassell
was observing the newly discovered planet

He was attempting to confirm his observation, made just the previous week,
that Neptune had a ring.

But this time he discovered that Neptune had a satellite as well.

Lassell soon proved that the ring was a product of his new
telescope's distortion, but the satellite

The above picture of
was taken in 1989 by the only spacecraft ever to pass
Voyager 2.

Voyager 2 found fascinating terrain,
a thin atmosphere, and even evidence for
ice volcanoes
on this world of peculiar orbit and spin.

Ironically, Voyager 2 also confirmed the existence of
>complete thin rings around Neptune
- but these would have been quite
to Lassell!

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