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A Higher Dimensional Universe?

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#99169 by @ 19.03.2007 00:00 - nach oben -
A Higher Dimensional Universe?

Explanation: Does our universe have higher but unusual spatial dimensions? This idea has been gaining popularity to help explain why vastly separated parts of our universe appear so similar, and why the geometry of our universe does not seem to result naturally from the amounts of matter it seems to contain. The idea is also prevalent in modern attempts to combine gravity and quantum mechanics that include M-theory (formally string theory) and Randall-Sundrum theory. Such models involve branes and bulks and frequently attempt to explain, among other things, why some quantum energies and the measured cosmological constant are so small. Above, a dynamic three-dimensional drawing (two spatial plus one time) of a four-dimensional depiction of a five-dimensional cube (a hypercube with four spatial dimensions is also known as a tesseract) is shown. Donning red-blue glasses will give the best multi-dimensional perspective. News: A partial solar eclipse will occur tomorrow.

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#99171 by @ 19.03.2007 08:20 - nach oben -
This is not a java applet??
#99172 by @ 19.03.2007 10:21 - nach oben -
i ha trotzdem probiert z klickä. isch würklich keis ;).
#99173 by @ 19.03.2007 16:10 - nach oben -
da chani bestätige.
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isch aebe scho keis. aber do haets eis: dooooo

isch jo geil, doet haets en schiel-modus, fuer die arme chinder wo kei passendi brille haend... aber bsunders aschaulich isches noed.