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Enceladus Creates Saturn's E Ring

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Enceladus Creates Saturn's E Ring

The active moon Enceladus appears to be making Saturn's E ring.

An amazing picture
showing the moon at work was taken late last year by the Saturn-orbiting
Cassini spacecraft and is
shown above.

is the dark point near the center, right near the center of
E ring

Streams of ice and water vapor can be seen
pouring off Enceladus into the E ring.

The above bright image of the normally faint
E-ring was made possible by aligning Cassini so that
Saturn blocked the Sun.

From that perspective, small ring particles reflect incoming
sunlight more efficiently.

Cassini has now been orbiting Saturn for almost three years, and is
scheduled to swoop by the unexpectedly
Enceladus at least several more times.

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