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Aurora Over Alaska

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Aurora Over Alaska

Higher than the
highest mountain, higher than the
highest airplane, lies the realm of the

Aurora rarely reach below 60 kilometers, and can range up to 1000 kilometers.

light results from solar shockwave causing energetic electrons and
protons to striking molecules in the
Earth's atmosphere.

Frequently, when viewed from space, a
complete aurora will appear as a
circle around one of the
Earth's magnetic poles.

above digitally enhanced photograph was
taken in 2005 January shows a spectacular
aurora borealis above the frozen landscape of
Bear Lake,

The above image was voted
Wikipedia Commons Picture of the Year for 2006.

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nei da isch grüenä alien-rauch vomene abgstürzte ufo. da gseht mer doch vo wiitem!
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hähä, seit de herr mitem wiirotä hemp und em tschoopä.

chunnt enart süscht öppert vom swizz-clan chli cho "fragge id area"?
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i wörfs emol id rundi. dä eint oder ander wär sicher debii.
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