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Great Mountain Moonrise

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Great Mountain Moonrise


On May 31st, a gorgeous Full Moon rose over
Uludag Mountain
in Bursa Province, Turkey.

This alluring telephoto view of the
twilight scene
is a composite of images taken roughly every two minutes
beginning shortly after Sunset,
following the rising Moon as it moves up and to the right.

Of course, as the Moon rises it gets brighter
and changes color, becoming less
as the sight-line through the dense
is steadily reduced.

Each of the final two exposures also captured
a rising planet Jupiter.

Like the Full Moon,
the bright, wandering planet is nearly
the Sun in Earth's sky and was caught on the
lefthand side of the picture in two places, just above
a small peak in the mountain side.

Intriguingly, some considered this Full Moon a
Blue Moon.

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