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A Visit from Atlantis

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#102185 by @ 29.06.2007 00:00 - nach oben -
A Visit from Atlantis


This remarkable image of the
orbiter Atlantis docked with the International Space Station
(ISS) was taken
at a range of 190
nautical miles.

To record the fast moving pair, last week
astronomers at
Center Observatory
near Boston, Massachusetts, planet Earth,
used a satellite tracking system and 25-inch diameter telescope
in combination with a digital video camera.

In the sharp picture,
Atlantis is below and left of center.

The aft view shows three main engines just below its
vertical tail glinting in the sunlight.

With the Sun shining from below, the body of the orbiter casts a
long shadow across the ISS itself and
impressive details of the ISS solar arrays
used for
are easily visible.

The large set of solar arrays installed at the
lower right was delivered during this
visit from Atlantis.

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#102210 by @ 03.07.2007 09:53 - nach oben -
sharp picture?
#102194 by @ 02.07.2007 14:32 - nach oben -
echt schö.

mengmol cha d'menschheit ebe würkli öppis.
#102209 by @ 03.07.2007 08:43 - nach oben -
High definition image rendering?
#102211 by @ 03.07.2007 10:12 - nach oben -
haha, ahnig. so wie du chunnt mer also use, wenn eim die fehlt, hä.

chasch jo mol vome entfernte berg i de nacht uf e autobahn zoome, und en porsche mit 300 sache fötele, wenner gad vonere strosselampe belüchtet isch. dis bild wär denn sicher schärfer.