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Red, White, and Blue Sky

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Red, White, and Blue Sky


Contrasting colors in this
beautiful sunset sky
were captured on June 30 from
Clear Creek Canyon Observatory in central Arizona, USA.

The twilight scene includes
brilliant Venus as the
, with a bright Saturn just above it,
shining through thin clouds.

The two wandering
planets were
a mere 1 degree apart or so,
about twice the width of the full Moon rising above the
eastern horizon on the other side of the sky.

In fact, such serene
skyviews were possible from
all over planet Earth as Venus and Saturn approached a

Regulus, alpha star of the
, is above and to the left of the close planetary pairing.

At dusk, lights in tonight's sky will also feature
Venus and Saturn low in the west and separated by
about 2 degrees.

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