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Mysterious Streaks Over Turkey

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Mysterious Streaks Over Turkey

What are they?

Five streaks near the bottom of the above image taken near
on Sunday would be identified at first glance as meteors from the
Perseids meteor shower peaking just that night.

Unexpectedly, however, these streaks do not point back to the Perseids
radiant in

Their origin is therefore somewhat unclear.

The above image was captured over the time span of 40 minutes.

Other visible celestial icons include the constellation
Orion and the
Pleiades star cluster.

One hypothesis is that the
streaks are part of a microburst from a
much less active meteor shower known as the
Alpha Ursae Majorids.

Another possibility is that they are parts of a
that broke up as it
re-entered the Earth's atmosphere.

A discussion of these possibilities can be found

This year's
Perseids meteor shower
was a good one, as it was particularly active and
corresponded with the dark skies that come with a
new moon.

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> What are they?
U F Os!!