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Moonless Perseid Sky

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Moonless Perseid Sky


Last weekend, dark, moonless night skies brought many sightings of
Perseid meteors to
all over
planet Earth.

Early Sunday morning astronomer John Chumack's camera captured
this Perseid
meteor streak with a flare near the end of its
track over Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The single, four minute long exposure looks toward the constellation of
Taurus and the eastern horizon.

The meteor streak points back to the
annual meteor
shower's radiant in
Perseus off the upper left corner of the picture.

Of course, the view includes the well-known
Star cluster (near top center) with a
bright yellowish planet Mars below it.

Also seen with a yellowish tint but not quite as bright as Mars,
the giant star
anchors the V-shaped
star cluster left of center, above the trees.

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nei. da sind au UFOs