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Northern Cygnus

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Northern Cygnus


Bright, hot, supergiant
star Deneb lies at top center in this

The 20 frame mosaic spans an impressive 12 degrees across the northern end of
the Swan

Crowded with stars and luminous gas clouds
along the plane
of our Milky Way Galaxy, Cygnus is also home to the dark,
obscuring Northern Coal Sack Nebula, extending from Deneb
toward the bottom center of the view.

The reddish glow of NGC 7000, the
North America Nebula,
and IC 5070, the Pelican Nebula,
are at the upper left, but many other
nebulae and star clusters are
throughout the wide field.

Of course, Deneb itself is the alpha star of Cygnus and is
also known to northern hemisphere skygazers for its place in two
asterisms --
marking the top of the
Northern Cross and
a vertex of the

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