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Coronet in the Southern Crown

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Coronet in the Southern Crown


X-rays from
young stars and
infrared light
from stars and cosmic dust are combined in this false color image
of a star-forming region in Corona Australis,
the Southern Crown.

The small star grouping is
fittingly known as the
Coronet Cluster.

A mere 420 light-years distant, the
Cluster offers

a relatively close-up view of stars and protostars
evolving with a wide range of masses.

The observations suggest that energetic
x-rays come from the
hot, extended stellar atmospheres or
coronae of the
Coronet stars

The tantalizing multi-wavelength view spans about 2 light-years
and was produced using data from the orbiting
Observatory (x-ray) and the
Space Telescope (infrared).

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