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V838 Mon: Echoes from the Edge

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V838 Mon: Echoes from the Edge


Variable star V838 Monocerotis lies
near the edge of our Milky Way Galaxy,
about 20,000 light-years
from the Sun.

Still, ever since a
was detected
in January 2002, this enigmatic star has taken the center of
an astronomical stage.

As astronomers watch, light from the outburst echoes across
pre-existing dust shells around V838 Mon, progressively illuminating
ever more distant regions.

stunning image
of swirls of dust surrounding the star was
recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope in
September of this year.

The picture spans about 14 light-years.

Astronomers expect the
echoes to continue to light up
the dusty environs
V838 Mon
for at least the rest of the current decade.

have now found that V838 Mon is likely a young binary star, but the
cause of its extraordinary outburst remains a mystery.

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