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Mountains of Titan

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Mountains of Titan


the thick, hazy atmosphere of Saturn's largest moon,
an infrared camera onboard the
Cassini spacecraft
recorded this view of the tallest mountains ever seen
on Titan.

Captured during a flyby in late October,
the high resolution,
shows a mountain range about
150 kilometers long and about 1.5 kilometers high - likened to the
Sierra Nevada
mountain range of the western United States,
planet Earth.

Along Titan's mountain ridges lie bright deposits, thought to be
snow or other organic material.

The icy mountains of Titan were
probably formed like Earth's
mid-ocean ridges, from material
welling up to fill gaps
created as surface
spread apart.

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uf de battlestar galactica chönntets das bild jetzt scharfmache und denn würd me es gsicht gseh!
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da chönteds au i eine vo dene tuusige CSI serie!