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NGC 1055 and M77

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NGC 1055 and M77


Large spiral galaxy NGC 1055 (top left) joins
spiral M77 in this
cosmic view
toward the

The narrowed, dusty appearance of edge-on spiral NGC 1055
contrasts nicely with the face-on view of
M77's bright nucleus
and spiral arms.

Both over 100,000 light-years across, the pair are dominant members
of a small galaxy group about 60 million light-years away.

At that estimated distance,
M77 is one
of the most remote objects in
Messier's catalog
is separated from fellow island universe NGC 1055 by at
least 500,000 light-years.

The mosaicked field is about the size of the full Moon
on the sky and
includes colorful foreground Milky Way stars (with diffraction
along with more distant background galaxies.

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