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SETI News 2017

Thank you for your efforts as a member of the SETI@home team in 2017. Our efforts at searching the Galaxy for intelligent life are expanding greatly, but SETI@home still needs your help.

It's been a busy year for SETI@home. We've analyzed data from 230 targets taken with the Green Bank Telescope, the largest fully steerable single dish telescope in the world. We've greatly improved our Arecibo candidate identification pipeline, "Nebula". However, future observations at Arecibo may be in some doubt, due to the hurricane and potentially reduced funding for the telescope. On the bright side, will soon begin collecting data from a Galactic plane survey at the Parkes radio telescope, the largest steerable radio telescope in the Southern Hemisphere, in conjuction with another program at the Berkeley SETI Research Center, Breakthrough Listen.

To fully participate in these projects, SETI@home needs two things.
  • First, we need you, and your friends and family. The current flood of data requires more processing power than SETI@home volunteers currently provide. Please spread the word about SETI@home and encourage people to participate.

  • Second, SETI@home needs the funding to obtain the hardware and develop software required to handle this new data source. We'll need to add about 300 TB of storage to handle the Parkes data alone.

I'm hoping that you will give generously to our efforts.

May you have happy holidays and a peaceful 2018!

Eric Korpela
Director of SETI@home


Wer crunched eigentli no SETI Date?
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I nöd, aber min PC wĂŒr enart immer laufe und im Winter muesch eh heize...

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I het eigentli no chli server kapazitÀt vorig, mueni mol wieder aluege =)

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HĂ€mmer no e Gruppe oder so?

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Bisch voll am crunche. Ich stig etz denn au i, ufpasse!

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Traumhaft :) https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/view_profile.php?userid=245902

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haha geil @CĂ©di !

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Hey nei! die hÀnd alli mini scores glöscht!