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It’s official. There is liquid water on Mars.

And not just a little, either: a research team led by Roberto Orosei, a professor at the University of Bologna, has detected a lake of liquid water 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) wide about 1.5 kilometers (.9 miles) below the surface of Mars’ southern ice cap in a region known as Planum Australe.

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Da machts chli eifacher. Denk mer werded en bemannte Mars no erlebe chöne.

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Glaubi au. Dezue passend:

Here Are The Finalists For NASA’s Mars Habitat Design Competition

We’ve only been to the Moon a handful of times. But we’ve already set our sights on a far more ambitious mission: colonize Mars.
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NASA is now preparing for a human mission to Mars, but if our descendants ever shrug off their terrestrial bonds, it won’t be Homo sapiens who leaves, but another, more intelligently designed species. We’re not fit.

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